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Thanks for your feedback. I have been working on a new game project so I do=
n’t have much time to update older games.
If you want to test new game, I can send you link when it is ready.
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<[email protected]>
G=F6nderildi: 23 =AAubat 2018 Cuma 22:45
Kime: [email protected]

This bus driving game is great now it’s time for a little bit of an up=
date on it you know in front of the bus you have the blinkers are working t=
he two front headlights needs to be on as well and if driven at night for d=
riving the back blinker work the
brake lights work but the upper back lights need to be high lighted also w=
hen mashing on the brake and it needs a bus number in the little square box=
in the back it the BUS DRIVING GAME (needs to be up graded)
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